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9Cookies releases version 3.0

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9Cookies releases the new version 3.0 of its 9Cookies POS. It includes some major changes and bug fixes and offers a lot of new features like over-the-counter sales, driver management, caller id recognition, color-coded items/groups, smart ordering and much more.

9Cookies 3.0

Over-the-counter Sales

9Cookies 3.0 - Over-the-Counter Sales A stripped down mode of the 9Cookies POS that cuts out the parts you don’t need if you don’t have table service. This new mode is an efficient & easy-to-use tool for serving customers at the counter.

Driver Management

9Cookies 3.0 - Driver Management Keep track of which drivers are working. Assign deliveries to a driver. See any driver’s deliveries at a glance. Keep track of cash coming in. All this built right into the 9Cookies POS system.

Caller ID Recognition

9Cookies 3.0 - Caller ID Recognition Now as soon as you answer the phone, 9Cookies will bring the number of the caller into the POS automatically. No more typing numbers or making errors when taking them down.

Color-Coded Items/Groups

9Cookies 3.0 - Color-coded Items/Groups Quickly find items when ordering. Colour coding is conveniently configurable from within the menu layout editor or the items/groups screen.

Smart Orders

9Cookies 3.0 - Smart Order The exciting new innovation from 9Cookies! With Smart Order, your customers can make their orders and request waiter assistance right from their own smartphones.

Completely Redesigned Items/Groups Editor

9Cookies 3.0 Articles/Groups Editor Creating or editing menu items and groups is mapped out on one fast, simple screen.

Shared Modifiers

9Cookies 3.0 - Shared Modifiers Managing modifiers such as preferences, variations and extras can be tricky, while some menu items have the same modifiers. Shared modifiers allow you to create and manage modifiers used for multiple items in one place.

Cost Price Accounting

9Cookies 3.0 - Cost Price Accounting You can now enter the cost price for items and get profit reports based on your costs and revenues.

1&1 Homepage Integration

9Cookies 3.0 - 1&1 Integration

Easily present your restaurant menu on your 1&1 website. The menu is automatically updated and you can choose which items to show.